I am a creation and explorer of the divine.

I am a supporter of my husband and all things lovely and true.

I am a person of deep feeling,

I am a devout watcher of Netflix

I will love you no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or color of hair.

(but I will judge you for how you treat animals and whether or not you have read any of the Harry Potter Books.)


I am also a Healer of Hashimotos. It is an autoimmune disease of which you are welcome to Google. It has come with challenges, both physical and emotional.

When this particular journey surfaced around August of 2014, I soon became overwhelmed with the amount of lessons I was learning about my body and this life. I needed an outlet, because why would I ever want to keep all this goodness to myself?

Enter, Autointune.

To put it simply, this is a creative outlet that I so desperately need for survival.

It is by me, for me. But if I were to be influential in the insight another human being has into his or her own life, then that’s more than I could ever ask for.


I’m just here to be a voice for that part of me that knows without knowing, and loves without conditions.  

& although I welcome them with open arms, I’m not in it for likes, followers, heart emojis or profit. That’s why, 15% of all sales from autointune, will go directly back into a non-profit organization of your choosing.


I sincerely bless you to know all the love and light that surrounds you.

Thank you for your part in my journey.


Heal the Self. Heal the World…