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England’s Green and Healing Land


England is one of those places that has changed me, for good.

I spent 2 weeks in college on a study abroad to the British Isles and fell in love with the land.

My Husband, Adam, served his LDS mission there for two years and met inspiring, marvelous people.

So when we got together 3 years ago, one of the first things we started doing was planning our trip back to one of our favorite places.

& after over a year of saving, we were off.


I got about 3 hours of sleep on the plane. And for a girl who neeeeeeeds 9 hours every night… my body wasn’t havin it. I got sick with a cold immediately, and had a real quick, and teary “come to jesus” moment. Praying that I would have strength to do all that I wanted on this trip.

Little did I know what England had in store to teach me. About myself, my body, my husband, and my world. This experience offered me more healing and insight than I could have ever planned.

These are some of the places I loved the most:



This colorful corner is tucked away in the center of London, close to the Camden Market. It’s like a secret garden. Always there, but you have to know where to look. We walked around for about an hour until Adam spotted it down a side street. We walked in and found Wild Food Café hidden in the walls. Their mission: “Transforming Humanity’s Relationship with Food.”

With food being at the top of my list of ways to heal, I loved being in a place that supported that.

Because seriously…
“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”



As we traveled south, we stayed with angels, Rosalind and Paul. The most darling and indescribably loving beings, who we consider family and a part of us forever. Adam met them while living in England and they were gracious enough to have us stay. With their unyielding hospitality, and with my Adam’s love and faith in me, I finally began to heal from my chest cold and any exhaustion or pain I was feeling.

I believe other souls obviously have a huge impact on healing. We are all in this together right?

But there is something about meeting a person, and you feel like your soul has known them forever, even though you’ve just met.

And you know that a part of you was always missing them, even though you didn’t know it.




Tintagel is supposedly the place of King Arthurs Castle. Like ya know, the sword in the stone guy? Ya. That King Arthur. Whether or not this is true, (which it so totally is) this place was awe inspiring. I apologized to my mother after I told her, but I couldn’t help standing at the edge of every cliff side, to feel the ocean’s air breathe life into me. The life of those who lived thousands of years ago, but also that divine life force that seems to be holding this universe together. When I close my eyes and breathe in deep enough, I can transport my soul right back to those cliffs.

P.S. this is also Poldark country. As a mega fan girl of the books and masterpiece tv show, this was a DAHream come true.



One of the greatest things I’ve received healing from are the words found in my favorite books.
With Harry Potter being at the top of that list, it was amazing to actually walk through the halls of “Hogwarts” at Lacock Abbey. I instantly felt at home. All was well.


The place that offered up divine healing for me, in such a way there aren’t any words to describe it, was Glastonbury.


Adam will tell you that I was most looking forward to this part of our trip and that I cried the entire time we were there. It was a heaven I have felt few other places.

It is sacred and holy ground and I will hold the experiences I had there in my soul forever.



It is known as the Earth’s Heart Chakra or Energy Center.

Jesus walked here,
Joseph built here,
Mary Magdalene prayed here,
Michael blessed here,
Holy Water flows here,
I wept and healed here,
Sacred things are alive and well here.


So to say that England has changed our lives forever, would be an understatement. Although I obviously didn’t write every insight and feeling we had there, (cause neither you nor I have that kind of time) England is a sacred land in our books.

But travel, in any form, is divinely good for the spirit. Traveling to a foreign country, to the next town over, or just traveling out of a comfort zone is exceptionally beneficial to your body and soul.



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