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God Box – Giving it All to the Divine


With my autoimmune journey has come some insomnia.

I can lay in bed for hours, thinking of everything from my preschool graduation to whether or not I should get bangs, to solving world hunger, to wondering what my cat dreams about…

The GOD BOX is something I learned about when reading Tosha Silver’s book “Outrageous Openness”, but I know it to be a method people have used since the beginning of time. It is a way of putting the words “Faith” and “Trust” into a tangible object.

So this is how I use it: If there is something weighing on my mind… a new job, a school test, a relationship, a worry or a thought, a hope or a fear… I put it in the box. I physically write it down, or I consciously take it out of my mind and body and place it in the box. I hand it all over to God, my angels, the universe, and divine love and ask that everything that happens will serve my highest good.

This “mailbox” of sorts brings me peace and comfort, even in the most dire of situations.

And most importantly , when I need some quality time with that beautiful friend… SLEEP.

Sweet Dreams & Happy Healing.

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