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Sleep- the Supreme Healer & How these Yellow Glasses Help Me Get More of it


I used to be able to pull all-nighters no sweat. But now, i’m a mid twenty something old broad with an autoimmune situation who has to get 9 hrs of sleep a night. Any less, and I have bad stomach pain, I get sick even easier than usual or I turn into a dementor like creature sucking the life force out of anyone I come in contact with… ask my  poor husband.

But, even with a bedtime, I still have a really hard time actually falling asleep.

These yellow babies have changed everything. I put on these glasses 2 hours before I want to be asleep. No matter what. & now, I am asleep within 10-20 minutes once my head hits the pillow.

You can get yellow safety glasses at home depot for 10 bucks to see if it works for you, but I got these on amazon because I didn’t want to feel like bob the builder if I am ever away from home after 8pm.

Now I just look like a total nerd. But that’s not a new thing for me.

You may have heard of this technique floating around in cyber space. I heard it from the paleo mom (a personal sheroe of mine) and if you want allllll the science it’s right here on her website.

The reason why it works all has to do with light.

Blue light activates the cortisol in your brain to keep you awake.

The yellow glasses block this light, and in doing so activates the melatonin in your brain that makes you sleepy!


So many things happen in our bodies when we sleep, it really is the most important thing to anyone’s health, yet it’s the one thing we all don’t think we need much of.

Sweet Dreams and Happy Healing


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