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Quote By: Alan Cohen

I find that real healing comes from sharing the things that have brought us healing, with the world.

However, there is still a timid little girl inside of me that dreads any spotlight and wants to keep feelings to herself.

Autointune has created a space where I can share my truth, and that little girl can get out of her comfort zone. This creative business is my contribution to creating a positive, loving, healing world. And for my sanity and the sake of my health, I will contribute any way possible.

This whole thing started when I was on my way to a college course in February of 2015. I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos the August before, and had gotten married to my sweet Adam the next month in September of 2014.

I was going and growing and learning through A LOT. School, Marriage, Disease, and just learning how to be a grown up will do that too you.. But, I didn’t know how to process it all and everything became overwhelming.

I felt like I needed to share something, or at least that it made me feel better when I did.

I started an Instagram account sharing positive quotes or images and I would write about lessons I was learning from my self and this divine and messy existence.

A lesson I learned quickly was…

There is huge power and healing that lies in creation.

So I took words that have moved me, and made a little art out of them.

& that’s’ what I’m still doing.

I have altered and transformed my style as my life and self have altered and transformed.

& now, with selling pieces and custom work & with more projects on the way…

Autointune has grown into a business, where I am happy and excited to give 15% of anything I make here back into my original mission.. to contribute to creating a positive, loving, healing world.

We all deserve a little healing. & I believe that through doing the things that heal ourselves, we simultaneously heal this planet.

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